BitNami for XAMPP

BitNami for XAMPP 1.0

It simply ports the BitNami library of applications to XAMPP
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The aim of BitNami is to simplify the deployment of web applications, such as wikis or blogs, in order to make them more accessible. There are a lot of high quality open source software packages that aren't used as much as they could be because getting them up and running can be a complex process. BitNami changes that. It produces open source installers or software packages for web applications and solution stacks.

Apache Friend's XAMPP is one of the most popular Apache + MySQL + PHP installable web development packages, similar to BitNami's own WAMP, LAMP and MAMP stacks. BitNami for XAMPP is the result of porting the BitNami library of applications to XAMPP, providing a simple way to install your favorite applications, including Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress and many more.

BitNami for XAMPP greatly simplifies the development of PHP applications on top of ApacheFriends XAMPP, installing WordPress, Drupal with Drush, and Joomla! applications on top of XAMPP.

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